New Law Says All New Jersey School Bathrooms Should be Stocked with Feminine Hygiene Products

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TRENTON, NJ – Republicans in New Jersey are calling on local Democrats to amend a new law requiring school districts to properly stock feminine hygiene products in both boys’ and girls’ bathrooms in public schools.

Under that proposed bill, the state would reimburse local districts for the costs of implementing the law and stocking the dispensers.

Now, Republican Senator Michael Doherty called for amendments to clarify that legislation approved by the Senate Education Committee would not require feminine hygiene products to be made available in boys’ bathrooms in New Jersey schools.

“It’s absolutely nuts that nobody could tell us in committee today if the proposed bill applies only to girls’ bathrooms,” said Doherty (R-23). “It would be completely and utterly ridiculous to force New Jersey schools to make tampons and sanitary napkins available in boys’ bathrooms. It would be an immense waste of money and is almost certain to lead to vandalism that could be quite costly to repair. The sponsors should accept reasonable amendments to make clear that the legislation applies to girls’ rooms only.”

The Senate Education Committee approved a bill sponsored by Democrats, S-1221, that requires feminine hygiene products, including tampons and sanitary napkins, to be provided in all school bathrooms for schools serving students in grades six through 12.

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