Ocean County Sheriff Says He’s Concerned with Catholic Church in Light of Abortion Issue

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – As leftist radicals promise a ‘Summer of Rage’ in light of the Supreme Court ruling leak that appears to set the stage for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, in Ocean County, Sheriff Michael Mastronardy on Sunday told the Asbury Park Press he has concerns with the Catholic Church on the issue.

“Right now we have some concerns with the Catholic Church with the abortion issue,” Mastronardy said.

In response to questions about a heightened level of security after it was made known that the Buffalo mass shooting suspect identified the Jewish community in Northern Ocean County, Mastronardy hinted about the security and safety of Catholic churches in the county.

The Catholic Church has been targeted by left-wing terrorists and radicals since the rekindling of the abortion issue nationwide. The Catholic Church, which opposes abortion could find itself in the crosshairs of the pro-abortion firebombers, arsonists, and radicals who could target them during the upcoming ‘Summer of Rage’ being planned by the left.

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Mastronardy also said local mosques have also been targeted in a wave of anti-Muslim and anti-immigration sentiment in the country but did not specify any specific threats to mosques or churches at this time.