Woman Charged After Ignoring Police Investigating Neighborhood Disturbance

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Opened police metal handcuffs on wooden floor background. Jail break and criminal justice concept: steel hand cuffs on table, 3D render.

CUMBERLAND, MD (POLICE BLOTTER) – On Friday, May 13, 2022, at approximately 7:13 PM, officers of the Cumberland Police Department responded to a residence in the first block of E. Mary Street for a disturbance. Upon their arrival, officers observed a male and female exit the residence. An officer ordered the subjects to stop and speak with him.

One of the subjects, Tanisha Love, ignored the officer and walked away. Love then began to yell and create a disturbance, attracting the attention of the neighbors. After several attempts to get Love to cooperate and lower her voice, officers advised Love that she was under arrest. She resisted officers’ attempts to place her in hand restraints. Officers were eventually able to secure Love in hand restraints and transport her to the police station. She was then transported to Central Booking. Love was later seen by a District Court Commissioner and released on her personal recognizance.

ARRESTED: Tanisha Moenay Love AGE: 21 Cumberland, MD
CHARGES: Disorderly Conduct, Fail to Obey a Reasonable & Lawful Order, Obstructing & Hindering, Resisting Arrest

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