Jackson School Board of Education Approves 24 New Private School Bus Routes to Lakewood

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – There is good news for the hundreds of private school students living in Jackson that require transportation to Lakewood religious schools. The Jackson Township Board of Education has approved 24 bus routes for those school children

The schools include The Lakewood Cheder, Bais Faga, Ohr Hatorah, Ohr Yehuda, Shagas Aryeh, Tora Zev, Bais Tova, Bnos Bracha, Bnos Devorah, Bnos Melech, Meoros, Talmud Torah of Lakewood and Even Yisroel.

Many of the children in those schools will receive bus service from Jackson Township public school district. The district will be notifying families in the coming day of bus schedules and availability.

Jackson Township resident Mordechai Burnstein, a political ally of Mayor Michael Reina has been instrumental, in conjunction with the Mayor himself, in ensuring all students in Jackson are afforded public school bussing opportunities as the growing need to bus children out of the district becomes a problem to tackle for the school district as enrollment continues to decline in the district due to more students attending school in Lakewood in recent years.

Mayor Michael Reina applauded the move by the school district and scolded town residents who objected at a recent council meeting.

“If these children were any other children who didn’t have busing, would you feel the same way?” the mayor asked. “These are all children of Jackson. I don’t care what religion or color dey [They] are. I don’t care what bus they take. I care that they get to school safely. You don’t have to like it. I don’t have to make you happy.”