Phil Murphy Takes Shot at Dr. Oz After Close Election Victory

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FILE PHOTO: Pennsylvania holds primary elections for U.S. House

TRENTON, NJ – After winning his primary election in Pennsyvlania, former New Jersey resident and television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz got some flak from progressive New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

New Jersey is among the national leaders of people fleeing the state to go elsewhere, and Oz was one of the people in those statistics.

“New Jersey has many great exports – Mehmet Oz isn’t one of them. Pennsylvanians will send him back to Cliffside Park this November,” Murphy chimed at the Turkish American star.

In 2021, New Jersey was the most fled state in America, according to Atlas Van Lines.

“Adding to the exodus numbers were Gen Xers, many of whom retired early and moved to Florida, according to the study. The data also show they overwhelmingly favored less-dense cities such as Punta Gorda and Sarasota over population-dense locations such as Miami and Orlando,:” the report found.

In essence, the next batch of retirees in New Jersey is fleeing at a record pace. 32% of people fleeing the state are doing so because of New Jersey’s high cost of living and progressive agenda.

New Jerseyans slammed Murphy for being an export of Massachusetts, settling into New Jersey to run for governor.

“Really, Gov.Murphy? What’s going on with you these days? That display of post jogging onto voting booth, this remark….Grow up,” said Emma Anderson.

“It’s too bad you get paid by us to talk politics during business hours. You are clearly not one of Massachusetts’ best exports,:” replied Mohamed Radwan.

“Why is a sitting Governor weighing in on a race in another state when NJ has its own serious problems, a lot caused by this sitting Governor,’ said political activist Darwin Cooper, Jr.

Amanda Cooper responded, “Brilliant! How about you drop the bipartisan lines and congratulate Dr Oz on his fair campaign and victory. If we need to export more from NJ, we should export you back to MA”