New Jersey Republicans Want Murphy to Give Surplus Back to the People

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Phil Murphy Photo 130146681 © Laurence Agron |

TRENTON, NJ – With Trenton sitting on a record pile of money this year, Republicans are telling the governor to give it back to the people. The governor announced he is considering giving some of it back, but Republicans say due to inflation, rising gas prices, and cost of living increases, more needs to be done.

“Give it back,” says Republican Senator Michael Testa, who would rather see that money put back into the pockets of New Jerseyans and not spent on fulfilling Murphy’s progressive political agenda.

“The ANCHOR rebates that Governor Murphy and Democrats announced today are underwhelming to say the least,” said Testa (R-1), a member of the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee. “The ‘Give It Back’ rebates proposed by Senate Republicans would provide double the relief and help twice as many people. This is likely a sign that Democrats are more focused on divvying up billions of pork in the budget than providing New Jersey families with real tax relief this year.”

The ANCHOR rebate plan would provide $2 billion of rebates to two-million people, according to Governor Murphy.

In contrast, the “Give It Back” rebates proposed by Republicans would provide $4.5 billion of immediate relief to four-million New Jerseyans.