Asbury Park Police Say ‘Zero Tolerance’ In Planned Beach Popup Party This Weekend

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ASBURY PARK, NJ – The Asbury Park Police Department has issued a stern warning to visitors who might be coming to the city this weekend to attend a planned internet popup party. In the past, those parties have escalated into disorderly behavior and violence and police today are warning guests there will be zero tolerance this weekend for unruly behavior.

“It has been made aware of a possible pop-up party circulating on social media sites for this weekend at the Asbury Park beachfront,” the department announced today. “The Asbury Park Police Department, as well as other agencies, are currently investigating these posts in an attempt to determine the credibility of the details.”

The department said it is coordinating enforcement efforts with neighboring towns to ensure public safety and order is at the forefront for visitors this weekend.

“The Asbury Park Police Department is coordinating with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of our our community and its visitors. There will be zero tolerance for any illegal acts and lewd behavior in reference to this pop up party or any other future events,” the department said.