Westfield Warns Popup Party Planners, There is No Party

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WESTFIELD, NJ – Popup parties aren’t just for the Jersey Shore anymore. After a Snapchat post for a popup party in Mindowaskin Park went out online, the town immediately set the record straight.

Today, Police Chief Christopher Battiloro advised that the Westfield Police Department is fully aware of an event being promoted on Snapchat as a “Big Group Gathering” in Mindowaskin Park for Friday, June 17, 2022, at 7:00 PM.

“Chief Battiloro warns that all of the Town of Westfield’s parks are under the jurisdiction and control of the Town Council and Recreation Commission, and that no such event or activity has been approved by either authority,” the Westfield Police Department said today. “Pursuant to municipal ordinance, the use of Mindowaskin Park for any such event or activity requires the issuance of a written permit as a condition of its use. Furthermore, pursuant to municipal ordinance, Mindowaskin Park, like most other Town of Westfield parks, closes at dusk.”

The police department says that all township code and state laws will be strictly enforced and strongly encourages parents to inquire and account for their children’s whereabouts during the evening hours of June 17.

“Police will be present in Mindowaskin Park to deter the occurrence of any unauthorized gathering, and those persons who fail to comply with police direction shall be subject to law enforcement action. Additionally, the Downtown Westfield Quality of Life Unit will be fully deployed to deter any related mass gatherings downtown,” the department said. “As Chief Battiloro stated earlier in the week, following the assault of a 15 year-old boy downtown last Saturday, the recent widespread disorderly conduct of juveniles occurring in Downtown Westfield will not be tolerated. Incidents like the one that occurred on Saturday will be thoroughly investigated and identified suspects will be criminally charged.”