New Rochelle Police Bust Cat Thieves Making a Deal

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY – A high-stakes catalytic converter deal was going down in the parking lot of Home Depot in New Rochelle when alert officers spotted the exchange and moved in.

It was the first day of summer in New Rochelle and at about 2:15 PM, New Rochelle Detectives were alerted by the Westchester County Police Real Time Crime Center that a Dodge Challenger was suspected of being used by catalytic converter thieves entered New Rochelle via I-95 at Exit 15.

“Detectives canvassed the area and located the vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot. The operator of the vehicle was observed to be in the middle of exchanging a suitcase with the driver of a black Jeep Cherokee,” police said. “Upon seeing the police, the suspect with the Dodge Challenger then fled on foot and the Jeep fled via I-95.  The suitcase was left, and 3 catalytic converters were found in the suitcase.”

The Dodge Challenger was impounded for further investigation and a total of 36 catalytic converters were found in the vehicle along with a Sawzall and extra blades.

The names of the arrested suspects were not released.