New Jersey Based BarterSaves Expands to 2,000 Members Across 4 States, D.C.

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RED BANK, NJ – Despite the influx of negative economic news about inflation and an upcoming recession, we have great news for local businesses!  New Jersey’s largest independently-owned barter exchange, BarterSaves, has expanded its network by recently joining forces with Barter Depot and both exchanges are now under one umbrella, known as the BarterSaves Trade Exchange.  Founders of BarterSaves George and Rene Ackerson are excited to work with Joe Prince and Michele Meola to offer their respective members access to a multitude of other businesses, not only in New Jersey, but in other surrounding states as well.  

“BarterSaves now boasts an expansive membership of approximately 2,000 members in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia,” says owner René Ackerson.   “We look forward to helping all of the business owners to increase their purchasing power using barter instead of cash. It couldn’t be easier, your barter card acts like a debit card. Our new APP makes it so easy to shop and save.”  

BarterSaves just launched a new application (“APP”) that makes it both convenient and easy for business owners to start bartering with other members of the exchange. The new APP features an online store, a member directory, a “What’s Nearby” feature, an account overview, a QR code that serves as proof of membership.  Most importantly, the APP enables businesses to run their own trade authorizations. 

Ackerson said BarterSaves partners with businesses in many different industries including payroll, bookkeeping, home improvement, electricians, plumbers, restaurants, healthcare, spas, salons, advertising, media, furniture, mattresses, entertainment, parties, travel, jewelry stores, photography, website development, auto repair, vehicle wraps, retail stores, attorneys, wedding services, and many more.  

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