‘You Have No Power’: Tucker Carlson Blasts Soros, Crime-Ridden Democratic Cities

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FILE PHOTO: Billionaire investor George Soros is awarded the Schumpeter Prize in Vienna

‘You Have No Power’: Tucker Carlson Blasts Soros, Crime-Ridden Democratic Cities

Harold Hutchison on September 13, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted billionaire George Soros and Democrats Tuesday night over crime in Chicago and other Democratically-controlled cities.

“Imagine dystopia. You hear that word frequently, what does that mean? Imagine a world where the police will not protect you. They refuse. At the same time, you are not allowed to protect yourself. Who runs a world like that? Well, young men with guns, they are in charge,” Carlson said. “The cruelest and most violent element of any society. People with the least to lose, the shortest time horizons, the shallowest reservoirs of impulse control. People like that have all the power. You have no power. That means everything you have is theirs. That is the end of civilization, it exists in Mogadishu famously.”

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Carlson described an attempted robbery and how Chicago police were prevented from pursuing the suspects by a supervisor. Multiple robberies by the same group allegedly took place in the hours after police broke off pursuit, CWB Chicago reported.

“Police believe two organized armed gangs are now operating with impunity around buck town which means the gangs are in charge now. That is what the collapse of civilization looks like, but it’s normal in Chicago,” Carlson said.


“In Chicago right now, taxpayers are more likely to be victims of crime than criminals are to be punished for it. So the question is: why would anyone in Chicago pay taxes? You would have to be a masochist to do that, and pretty soon only the masochists will be,” Carlson continued. “So how did this happen? It’s no mystery. There are many threads, but George Soros is a big one. Soros paid for this to happen. Soros backed a prosecutor called Kim Foxx who turned Chicago over to the most vicious people who lived there…The ones who truly don’t care about others. Who want to kill people for their shoes or their car. The worst people, and they run things now.”

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Carlson also pointed the finger of blame at the Obama administration, which imposed consent decrees on the Chicago police following alleged racial disparities. Carlson later had commentator Candace Owens on to discuss the situation in inner cities.


“I want to say to people watching still living in these inner communities in Democrat cities: get out. This is not a joke,” Owens said. “Don’t wait for it to be you. Don’t wait for it to be your child you’re pushing in a stroller when you get run over. Don’t let it be you that’s going for a jog down the street and you’re grabbed into a van and killed…like what happened to Eliza Fletcher in Memphis. Do not wait for politicians to rescue you, rescue yourself and get out of Democrat-controlled cities.”

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