Black conservative Candace Owens gets mixed reactions from White Lives Matter shirt

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Candace Owens wearing a white lives matter shirt. Photo by Candace Owens / Twitter

Conservative media figure Candace Owens today posted a photo of her and another black male wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts, and the response from the Twittersphere was mixed.

Some who were defending the Black Lives Matter movement called the photo divisive and an overreaction.

“Just some perspective. I’m not here for the “organization”, just for the cause. We all can do better, stop getting bent out of shape because somebody is different from you,” one person replied to Owens’ post.

Others felt Owens was just trolling the BLM movement.

“The difference is that she’s doing it tongue-in-cheek. She’s trolling to make a point. She’s not starting a movement and raising millions based on falsehoods. I mean, I wouldn’t do this, but her brand is to poke the bear. Takes guts,” said Adante147.

“Why not just keep it all lives matter? White lives matter tees erks me just as much as black lives matter tees,” replied Fasia Peters.

“This makes me sick if people would just listen to Dr. King and just judge people according to the quality of their character instead of the color of their skin we would not be in the situation that we are in today,” Julia responded to the Twitter post.

While some of her conservative followers cheered the shirt, others felt the display was an unnecessary attempt at re-igniting the division between races in America.

“It’s not hard to see how putting anything in front of “lives matter” can be divisive. Let’s all try to be a little better to our neighbors and we will see the fruits of our labor and maybe some change as well,” another commenter said.