Toms River North Defeated South in Football Rivalry, But South Students Kept their Chins Up

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TR South students win chin up challenge. Photo by TR Schools.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – While the annual rivalry on the football field between Toms River North and Toms River South went in North’s favor, Toms River South students were able to keep their chins up and maintained some bragging rights over the Mariners.

On the field, it’s a tale of two seasons. The Mariners of Toms River North are 6-0, at the top of their highly competitive Shore Conference Colonial Division. South is 1-4 and at the bottom of the Freedom Division.

The Mariners defeated South on their home turf on September 30th in a crushing 60-0 win, but the students of Toms River South didn’t concede defeat so easily.

The two schools competed in a chin-up competition which South won, doing a total of 2,066 chin-ups to defeat North. A consolation prize perhaps, but it showed that there’s more to life in the Toms River School District than football, where there are so many other opportunities between the two schools to maintain the friendly rivalry that has gone on for decades.