New Jersey Democrats ask Senators to target Hindu groups for fascism, Naziism

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River Ganges in Varanasi - India - Photo by Steve Allen.

TEANECK, NJ – Days after the House Homeland Security came to Teaneck to host an anti-semitism hearing, Democrats in that town are asking U.S. Senators to target major Hindu organizations.

Democrats on the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee voted to adopt a resolution condemning Hindue organizations it deemed hate groups with “ties to Hindu nationalism” in India.

“It’s concerning that a Democratic political organization whose purpose is to elect its members to government office and to influence public policy would pass a resolution effectively condemning the entire Hindu religion,” said Republican New Jersey Senator JoePennacchio (R-26). “It’s extremely dangerous to target large segments of any ethnic group or religion for harassment using government resources. It was wrong when the entire Muslim community was profiled after 9/11 for the actions of a small number of extremists, and it’s just as wrong for all of our Hindu American neighbors to be treated this way today.”

The resolution calls upon Senators Cory Booker, Governor Phil Murphy and Congressman Josh Gottheimer to have the FBI investigate those Hindu groups and their tax-exeempt status.

The Democrats called the Hindu groups “foreign hate groups” who share the ideological views of Nazism and Eurpoean fascism.

Pennachio said Democrats are targeting those groups simply because of their religious views and differences.

“Regardless of the religion we choose to practice, we are all Americans,” added Pennacchio. “We shouldn’t try to weaponize our institutions of government to attack other people or groups whose religious views or affiliations differ from our own.”