Drag Queen At ‘All Ages’ Event Sings About ‘P***y’, Simulates Sex Act

2022 NYC Pride parade


Drag Queen At ‘All Ages’ Event Sings About ‘P***y’, Simulates Sex Act

Harold Hutchison on October 18, 2022

A drag queen performing at an “all ages” event in Plano, Texas, Saturday sang a sexually-charged song and simulated a sex act, according to video posted on social media by a conservative TV host.

“I attended another all ages drag brunch in Plano, TX over the weekend and the footage I have is shocking,” Sara Gonzales, who hosts Blaze TV’s “The News and Why It Matters,” posted on Twitter Tuesday.

The drag queen sang “My p*ssy good, p*ssy sweet. P*ssy good enough to eat” while flashing underwear at the event at Ebb & Flow. The video posted by Gonzales showed at least one young child at the event.

“Following the October 15 event, Ebb & Flow’s Drag Brunch will take place on a monthly basis with dates to be announced soon,” the event page said.

Children at events involving drag queens generated controversy, including one instance where a drag queen apparently taught a child how to dance for tips at a “family friendly” event in Palm Springs, California.

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“Look at all the money you made!” the drag queen told the girl.

A drag queen with the stage name Nicole Jizzington performed at a California middle school in June during a “Pride Town Hall” event. School officials knew of the performer’s name and introduced the performer as “Nicky J.”

“It gets worse. More footage to come. We WILL stop this,” Gonzales posted on Twitter.

Ebb & Flow did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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