Jeff Glennon Appointed COO at Spiritfruit Vodka Soda

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Jeff Glennon Appointed COO at Spiritfruit Vodka Soda

Jeff Glennon Appointed COO at Spiritfruit Vodka SodaDuxbury, MA  (RestaurantNews.comSpiritfruit Vodka Soda, a leading innovator in the better for you, all-natural alcoholic beverage category, is proud to name Jeff Glennon, a seasoned sales and operations executive in the craft beverage and technology spaces, as its new Chief Operating Officer. His appointment is an integral component of Spiritfruit’s plan to expand, offer outstanding customer service to its wholesaler and retailer partners and reach new drinkers.

Glennon will initially oversee Spiritfruit’s existing portfolio in MA, NJ, MO, KY, WI, FL, and IN, while he transitions to complete some previous consulting commitments. He will gradually assume responsibility for all markets including those launched this spring (NH, VT, ME, and RI) and CT, CO, and GA which are launching later this month.

Glennon is well-positioned to drive Spiritfruit growth as he comes directly to the Company after a highly successful term as Chief Operating Officer at Night Shift Distributing in Boston (NSD). As head of NSD, Glennon built out its sales, operations, and delivery functions, while delivering double-digit year-over-year revenue growth every quarter. During his tenure at the company NSD top line revenue grew by 230% in the MA market alone.

The combination of Spiritfruit’s product – different from what’s currently on the market as it offers a clean beverage, made with real fruit and all-natural ingredients, and long-term vision of Spiritfruit Founder & CEO Caitlin Morris, drew him to the company.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Caitlin and her growing team,” said Glennon. “Spiritfruit is a pioneer in the evolving beverage market, recognizing the shift away from sugary, artificial alcoholic beverages and toward clean, spirit-based alternatives,” Glennon said. “The opportunity to join an effort centered around a better-quality product and led by a founder with a clear vision is very exciting.”

“We could not be happier to welcome Jeff, a proven leader in the category and someone who believes in our culture, our vision for the future and potential growth of Spiritfruit,” said Founder and CEO Caitlin Morris. “From day one, Spiritfruit has been focused not just on combining premium vodka and real fruit juices, but on creating a culture that is attentive to both our drinkers and our trade partners. We strive to enhance our consumers lives by offering them a hassle-free product that they can feel good about drinking every time as part of a spirited lifestyle while adding tangible value to our wholesaler and retailer partners. Jeff is uniquely suited to build on both of those missions.”

The inspiration for Spiritfruit came to Caitlin while she was socializing with her family at a hometown beach in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Caitlin, with a background as a Division One college athlete, has always had a passion for pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle, and been conscious of what she puts into her body. Never a fan of beer and tired of settling for alternatives that are chemically flavored and sugary she lamented that there was no easy way to bring her favorite drink – vodka soda with real fruit – to the he beach. If she was thirsty for a better for you, on-the-go drink that helped spark fun days with family and friends – maybe others would be thirsty to Live Spirited as well?

Spiritfruit was born, a ready-to drink, canned vodka soda, with a splash of real fruit. Crafted with five-times distilled corn-based vodka and only all-natural ingredients, Spiritfruit is 100% gluten-free, with no added sugar. From that oceanside inspiration, her family helped her launch the Company and as CEO she maintains her commitment to bringing drinkers a clean and refreshing drinking experience, without compromising on taste.

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