Prosecutor investigating after cops shoot family dog at the Jersey Shore

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Blaze - Shot by police officers in Keyport.
Blaze - Shot by police officers in Keyport.

KEYPORT, NJ – The Keyport Police Department received a call about an aggressive dog in the area of Pine Street. Upon their arrival, officers located the dog in a nearby parking lot and claim the dog charged at them.

Police fired multiple shots, striking the dog in the shoulder. Now, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office is opening an investigation into the shooting.

The owner of the American bulldog, two-year-old Blaze feels the police could have used non-lethal force to defend themselves such as pepper spray or a taser. Blaze was

Alexyss Ferrara, Blaze’s owner is calling the incident animal cruelty.

“Keyport Police gunned down my dog for him simply being out on his own property. shot my dog from his own garage,” she said. “He is being held in custody for being a dangerous dog, my dog has no record of being a dangerous dog. My dog did not touch anyone yesterday, there were no injuries to any humans or any other animals besides himself. He is in critical condition.”

The Keyport Police Department has refused to release the officer’s body camera footage. Ferrara claims her dog was not showing any signs of aggression toward officers. She claims to have seen a neighbor’s Ring doorbell video footage that confirms her position.