Suspect in trespassing complaint at park utterly unexpected

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BURLINGTON CITY, NJ – Burlington City police officers arrived last night at Columbus Park on the report of a trespassing complaint of an unidentified subject making noise and wandering in the area.

You can say that the suspect when found, was utterly, or udderly unexpected.

At around 10:30 pm, officers searched the park and found their suspect, a cow. Police said the cow evaded capture and fled the scene as officers were not trained or equipped for the act of apprehending a trespassing cow.

Officers called for the assistance of a local animal hospital to help retrieve the lost cow and return it to its owner.

“Patrols found the culprit, who then fled on hoofs towards the wooded area,” the department said. “A perimeter was set up, and an extensive search was completed. The culprit was identified and is still on the loose.”

The department later acknowledged it was not equipped to wrangle stray cows and said it would be updating its field training to better prepare for incidents like this in the future.

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