These scooter bandits are terrorizing people of all ages in Queens

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Between 10/24/22 and 11/7/22, two unidentified males approached 7 separate victims in Queens, ranging in age from 12-years-old to 70-years-old, and snatched their necklaces from their necks before fleeing.

NEW YORK, NY – With the rise in crime in New York City over the past few years, there has also been a rise in scooter-based thefts and attacks. Scooters are small, light, and can navigate quickly through New York City traffic. That’s why they are becoming the vehicle of choice for many people terrorizing the population of New York City.

Now, the New York City Police Department is actively searching for a pair of men who are responsible for at least seven scooter-based robberies throughout Queens.

Detectives with the NYPD believe two men, possibly of Hispanic origin, driving a red scooter are responsible for at least seven robberies, some violent, with victims ranging from twelve to seventy-years-old.

In one video shared by the NYPD, the pair drag their suspect along the sidewalk wile attempting to snatch the victim’s belongings.

Investigators say the pair target people wearing lavish necklaces and jewelry.