Suspect arrested for armed robbery at Wilmington Target

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Shoping carts are wheeled outside a Target Store during Black Friday sales in Brooklyn, New York

WILMINGTON, DE – In connection with robberies that occurred at Target in Wilmington, the Delaware State Police have arrested Allen Locklear, 41, of Wilmington, Delaware.

Troopers responded to Target, located at 1050 Brandywine Parkway, for a late reported robbery on November 13th, at approximately 10:37 a.m. According to the investigation, an unknown male suspect entered the store on November 12th and obtained a motorized scooter. He was asked to show his receipt when he attempted to leave the store without paying for the scooter. As the suspect held what appeared to be a knife, he threatened to stab the employee.

The suspect then fled the store.

  • On November 16th, an unknown male suspect, matching the same description from the robbery on November 12th, entered the store again and placed two scooters in a shopping cart. When he attempted to exit the store, two employees requested his receipt. The suspect threatened to display an unknown object in his pocket and fled the store.
  • On November 18th,an unknown male suspect, matching the same description from the previous two incidents, entered the store again and placed a scooter in his shopping cart. The employees did not approach the suspect as he approached the exit doors. Troopers took the suspect into custody as he exited the store with the stolen merchandise.
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There were no injuries sustained during any of these incidents. The Wilmington Police Department had reported the vehicle used during each of these incidents as stolen. During the investigation, Locklear was identified as the suspect in the Target robberies.