Parkville woman said she had a premonition at stop sign before winning lottery jackpot

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Stop sign.
Stop sign.

PARKVILLE, MD – When a Parkville woman claimed the $50,000 top prize on the FAMILY FEUD scratch-off, she broke down in tears of joy.

According to the 55-year-old woman, she purchases $20 worth of scratch-offs each week. In addition, she mentioned that she had recently won small amounts of $25 and $200 in the past month, and that she knew that she was not finished with winning yet.

The Amazon employee’s luck in winning the lottery began when she braked at a stop sign while driving. She had what she described as either a “vision or premonition” that she would win a large prize with the number “5”.

She visited J Convenience in Parkville to purchase a game with the number “5”.

When the Baltimore County resident scanned the instant ticket’s prize check area, she saw she won the top prize.

“My husband always says to me, ‘I’m glad you enjoy playing, but it won’t amount to anything,’ He is eating crow now,” she said.

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The winner said that her and her husband had already planned a trip to Las Vegas, and now she will have more funds to spend on that trip. However, she wants to save most of her prize.

“I am going to be careful with it and put it in the bank,” she explained.