Transgender Brooklyn suspect indicted for killing father with hammer, stabbing sister

NEW YORK, NY – Nikki Secondino, the transgender suspect who killed their father and stabbed their sister, has been arraigned in court. Secondino has been charged with murder and attempted murder for the December 29th incident that took place the family’s home in Brooklyn.

According to police, Secondino attacked their father, Carlo Secondino, 61, who was sleeping on the couch. They struck him with a hammer multiple times and proceeded to stab him with a kitchen knife, according to the evidence. He died at the scene.

Secondino then stabbed their sister, telling police they were victims of a home invasion.

“The defendant’s 19-year-old sister heard a commotion in the living room, tried to intervene and was allegedly stabbed by the defendant multiple times about her body, hands and face, requiring surgery,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. “The defendant then ran out of the house and told responding officers that two people broke into her home, killed her sister and father, and sexually assaulted her. Family members called the NYPD and questioned that account. Investigators subsequently determined that that version of events was false.”

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