President once again tells repeatedly debunked Amtrak tall tale

U.S. President Biden departs for travel to New York from the White House in Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. President Joe Biden is once again telling the story about his trip with an Amtrak conductor back when he was Vice President or Senator. He’s not so sure about it himself.

The problem is, the story has been debunked by the Associated Press, and since being debunked, the President has told the story on at least two other occasions.

But, why is the President of the United States lying about such an insignificant incident? Nobody really knows.

Biden’s tall tale references an Amtrak conductor who died back in 1993, yet the story is told from the time Biden was Vice President to Barrack Obama, some 15 years later.

The Washington Times said today this is the 8th time Biden has repeated the misinformation about his story aboard an Amtrak train.

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“President Biden on Monday repeated a since-debunked story involving an Amtrak conductor who calculated that he logged more than one million miles on the rails while serving as a senator from Delaware,” the Times reported.

In 2021, the Associated Press debunked the story.

“But Biden distorts the timeline in a way that makes the story false. He’s been telling it, with variations, with more frequency as he pitches his infrastructure plan. Monday’s remarks were at New Jersey Transit’s rail maintenance facility in Kearny,” AP reported.