Newark rated least dog-friendly city in America

NEWARK, NJ – A New Jersey city is once again at the top of a list. This time, that list is the Most and Least Friendly Dog States in the USA. The report by Puppy Hero ranks New Jersey as a state in the middle of the pack, but Newark stands out as the worst city in America for dogs.

It was rated the number one “Least dog-friendly city for small and large dogs” in the report.

“As of 2020, there were some 88 million pet dogs in America. Approximately 62 million (45%) households in the country own dogs. Dog ownership increased considerably during the pandemic years, and happily, surveys show most of the pets adopted during COVID-19 are still in their homes,” the report stated. “Ranks have been assigned according to a wide range of metrics. States that have a healthy dog population (more playmates for your pooch), rentals that allow dogs, owners that spoil their dogs, strict animal protection laws, easy access to veterinary care, a low number of dogs killed at animal shelters, no puppy mills, and a low cost of dog ownership have scored well.”

Nearby New York City has been rated the third least dog-friendly state in America behind Virginia and Oregon. New Yorkers, on the other hand, are also known for having the most spoiled dogs in America.

The most dog-friendly city in America is Las Vegas, according to the report.

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