Police in Wilkes-Barre warn of credit card skimmer at Bravo Supermarket

Woman entering her pin code number to atm machine. Money and cash withdrawal concept. Hand on buttons and keypad. © Tero Vesalainen

WILKES-BARRE, PA – Police in Wilkes-Barre are alerting customers and residents at the Bravo Supermarket on Main Street about a credit card skimmer device found at the store. The device scanned and stored credit cards without the store or customer’s knowledge.

According to the Wilkes-Barre City Police Department, officers were dispatched to Bravo Supermarket at 319 S. Main Street on Monday at approximately 12:30 pm for an incident involving a credit card skimming device being placed on a credit card terminal.

“The persons involved were two Hispanic males, medium build, in their 30’s, wearing puffy jackets and dark clothing. One had on a New York winter jacket and the other had black and white sneakers. The males were last seen walking north on S. Main Street,” police reported.

Anyone who was shopping at that store at that time should monitor their accounts and report any fraudulent activity. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the department at 570-208-4200.

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