Why are so many KIA cars being stolen lately?

Kia Soul

With an increase nationwide in stolen KIA automobiles, some are wondering why thieves are targeting this specific automaker.

Lately, car thefts have skyrocketed and Kia cars are a key target for thieves. The reasons why so many Kia’s are stolen varies from region to region, but it’s a growing problem that needs to be addressed. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why Kia cars are being stolen at an alarming rate, including their low prices and technological vulnerabilities. We’ll also look at what steps drivers can take to secure their vehicles and prevent themselves from becoming a victim of auto theft.

Kia models that are being targeted by thieves

As of late, there have been an alarming number of Kia cars being stolen. The most popular models that are being targeted by thieves are the Optima, Soul, and Sportage. While the reasons for this spike in thefts is unknown, it’s important to be aware of which models are at risk so you can take steps to protect your car.

If you own a Kia Optima, Soul, or Sportage, be sure to keep your car locked at all times and park in well-lit areas. You may also want to consider investing in a security system for extra peace of mind. Stay safe out there!

Why these cars are being stolen

There are a few reasons why these cars are being stolen. First, they’re affordable and easy to steal. Second, they’re in high demand, so thieves can sell them for a good price. Third, they’re often left unlocked and with the keys inside, making them an easy target.

According to News 5 Cleveland, “Kia vehicles from model year 2011 to 2021 and Hyundai vehicles from model year 2016 to 2021 are especially vulnerable due to the absence of anti-theft devices that have long been standard for other automakers.”

If you own a Kia or are thinking of buying one, be sure to take precautions against theft. Keep your car locked at all times, even when parked in your driveway or garage. Never leave the keys inside the car, and consider investing in a steering wheel lock or other anti-theft device.

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How to protect your kia car from being stolen

Most car thefts are opportunistic, so the best way to protect your Kia is to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal it. Here are some simple tips:

– Always lock your doors and close the windows when you leave your car, even if you’re just parked for a few minutes.

– If you have an alarm, use it. Many thieves will simply move on to an easier target if they know an alarm is present.

– Park in well-lit areas where there are other people around. Thieves are less likely to steal a car that’s in plain view.

– Don’t leave valuables in your car where they can be seen. If a thief sees something worth stealing, they’re more likely to break into your car to get it.


Kia cars are becoming increasingly popular which is causing an increase in the number of Kia car thefts lately. It is important for people to make sure they take the necessary steps to protect their vehicles and ensure that they are not adding to the statistics. Taking extra precaution by investing in a reliable alarm system and parking your vehicle securely can help reduce the chances of theft substantially. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry so take all of these precautions seriously!