Mercedes-Benz site searched over suspected corruption – newspaper

FILE PHOTO: An employee of German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz installs the brand's characteristic star on a Mercedes S-Class (S-Klasse) at a production line at the Mercedes Benz factory in Sindelfingen

BERLIN (Reuters) -German prosecutors are investigating two Mercedes-Benz employees for suspected corruption and conducted searches late last week at the carmaker’s factory in Sindelfingen as part of their investigation, the Bild newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Authorities seized a mobile phone and a computer during the searches at the plant southwest of Stuttgart, the report said.

The company confirmed to Reuters that the search had taken place.

“We are injured parties in the case and have filed a complaint,” a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson said, adding that the company was working with authorities and would not comment further on the case.

The Stuttgart prosecutor said the premises of a carmaker had been searched, without specifying which one.

Two suspects are under investigation for bribery in business transactions, the prosecutor said.

(Reporting by Christina Amann and Victoria Waldersee, Writing by Rachel More, Editing by Friederike Heine and Miranda Murray)


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