Firefighters rescue children trapped inside Staten Island sewer tunnel

STATEN ISLAND, NY – The New York City Fire Department reported that several children were trapped inside a Staten Island sewer tunnel for at least an hour before firefighters were notified Tuesday night.

The children were able to call 911 and remain in contact with firefighters and police dispatch who tried to determine their location.

“It was a little bit challenging, but FDNY dispatchers did a good job,” the department said.

The children were crawling around the tunnels after entering and became disoriented after about 15 minutes and got lost.

Firefighters and police walked along the sewer route and opened manholes around the area in an effort to find the children. The department estimated the children walked about 1,300 feet from their entry point before being located.

They were located near the Staten Island Zoo.

It took firefighters approximately 30 minutes to locate the children. They were assessed on scene by EMS before being examined at a nearby hospital.

Lt. John Drew said the children entered the 40-inch opening in the tunnel near St. Peter’s Cemetery. Arriving units located the children’s school bags and jackets at the entrance.

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