There’s good news coming for street rod owners in New Jersey

Street Rod owners might soon get some benefits that will ease their struggle of being registered in the state of New Jersey. Under a new bill in Trenton, street rod owners could soon get their own license plates and have some of the legal restrictions against their vehicles relaxed a bit.

The bill creates a new motor vehicle registration for street rods and custom motor vehicles.  The bill defines a street rod as a  motor vehicle that was manufactured prior to 1948, or after 1948 but was manufactured in a manner to resemble a vehicle manufactured prior to 1949; and has been altered from the manufacturer’s original design, or the body of the motor vehicle has been constructed from non-original parts.

Under the new law street rods that qualify would also be exempt from regular motor vehicle inspection.

The vehicle’s components would also be regulated under the laws that existed at the time the vehicle was manufactured.

The new bill also provides that a street rod or custom vehicle may be equipped with a “blue dot tail light” as a rear reflector, turn signal or stop lamp.  The bill defines “blue dot tail light” as a red lamp installed in the rear of a motor vehicle containing a blue or purple insert that is not more than one inch in diameter.

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