Five firefighters among those injured in Queens HVAC warehouse fire

NEW YORK, NY – Firefighters from the New York City Fire Department responded to a two-alarm fire at a business at 34-40 31st Street in Queens on Wednesday.

Five firefighters and one civilian were injured during the fire, which was escalated moments ago to a three-alarm fire.

“We arrived at 10:15. Fire department units encountered heavy fire at this address. We quickly stretched hand lines, made searches, ventilated. The heavy fire condition, as you can see, the awning is all burned away. We gained entry. The warehouse is stacked from floor to ceiling with portable air conditioning units. So, we continue to put pockets of fire out,” said FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Chuck Downey. “At this time. We have approximately 30 plus units on the scene, 150 fire and EMS personnel. We are at a third alarm, five minor injuries to Firefighters, one to civilian, and it’s going to be an extended operation due to amount of stock that, as you can see in this warehouse, roughly 20 by 80 feet deep.”

“We have six total injuries. One to a civilian and five Firefighters, all minor. We have approximately 50 EMS members from surrounding stations here to take care of anybody that needed assistance,” said Assistant Chief Paul Miano.

FDNY did not release the names of the injured firefighters or described their injuries. All four injured were listed as non-life-threating.

Photo by FDNY.

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