This Jersey Shore hotspot just banned the ‘Existence’ of booze on beaches and boardwalk

25th and Boardwalk - Wildwood - Google Maps

Wildwood, New Jersey – Ocean City, New Jersey, is known as the last ‘dry’ town at the Jersey Shore. Alcohol sales are banned and consumption in public is outlawed. Now, another shore town is targeting booze, banning alcohol on its beaches and boardwalk.

In a recent development, the city of Wildwood has announced a ban on alcohol consumption on its boardwalk and beaches. The decision, made by the Wildwood City Council, aims to ensure the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors to the popular coastal destination.

“Alcohol of any kind has always been prohibited on the beach and boardwalk. In fact, there is already a sign at every street entrance to the beach. This new ordinance not only prohibits the drinking and/or open display of alcohol, but also says the mere existence of any kind of alcohol is prohibited,” said Mayor Pete Byron.

City officials have stated that the ban was enacted in response to concerns raised by residents and business owners regarding the negative effects of alcohol-related incidents on the boardwalk and beach areas. The decision was made after careful consideration of public safety and the desire to maintain a family-friendly environment.

According to Deputy Mayor Krista Fitzsimons, “Every year, the city receives numerous complaints about drinking, marijuana use and smoking on the beach and boardwalk. This is how we are responding to those complaints.”

Commissioner of Public Safety Steve Mikulski continued, “This is a matter of public safety. We understand people are on vacation and want to have a good time. We want everyone to enjoy Wildwood. Drinking, especially in the sun on vacation, often leads to excess and unruly behavior, not to mention increased health risks.”

In a second vote, the Commissioners also approved a Breach of Peace ordinance to help the police crack down on juvenile curfew violations, excessive noise, littering, vandalism, setting off illegal fireworks and riding bikes on the boardwalk after hours, among other complaints.

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