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Chairman of American Muslim Leadership Council in New Jersey Calls for Jihad Days Before September 11th

EDISON-Edison, New Jersey’s Muslim Planning Board member Sam Khan is under fire this week after rallying his fellow Garden State Muslims for Jihad.

“Our duty as Pakistanis, as a Musalman, or all those Muslims living overseas, the faith instructs that, If you see evil (burai “evil”) happening, you must do jihad against it. If you can’t do jihad, then use your hands and your tongue to oppose it,” he said of relations with India and Pakistan.  Many here at home took offense to an American mayor calling for Muslim jihad and violence.

Hirsh Singh, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate  against Cory Booker in 2020 led the charge against Khan this week at a press conference.

Singh was joined by Tony Gallo, the Republican candidate for Sheriff in Middlesex County; Hemant Bhatt, founder of the South Asian Republican Coalition; Alahiji “Noah” Fofanah, who is running for office in Franklin Township and Jay Tulluri, President of  Telugu Association of North America.

The Republican leaders called for Khan’s immediate removal from office.

“We have come together to denounce the hateful comments by Sam Khan, planning board member, Democrat leader here in Edison and chairman of the American Muslim Council’s calls for jihad made in another language..at an American Muslim Council meeting,” Singh said. “It is dangerous and disturbing.”

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Singh blamed the Democrat party leadership for its failures to control radicalism within its own party and to whitewash Islamic terrorism over the years but says he won’t allow that to go on in New Jersey.

“We have seen multiple occurrences of violent Islamic terrorist behavior across the world, forcing America to send its sons and daughters across the world to combat the radical Islamic terror,” Singh added. “How then can we sit by as the same hateful rhetoric blamed for atrocities across the world are spoken by elected Democrat officials in this state?”

Tony Gallo, also a Republican, who is running to become the county’s next sheriff condemned Khan’s call for Jihad.

“This is calling for a Religious war, A Jihad is a fight against enemies of Islam, There is no room in America or any of our society for this kind of speech that calls for this type of a religious war, I know many Muslim People and they are not Radical and want peace, there are only a few radical like this one, However we need to recognize this type of radicalization and cut it out immediately” Gallo said. “The Edison Leadership needs to stop giving a platform to anyone whom decides to speak Radically against any other members of our Community Mr. Kahn is inciting Violence, As Candidate for Middlesex County Sheriff I condemn anyone whom has that much hate in their heart. Where is the current Sheriff Mildred Scott on this issue of Hate speech? Edison Leaders need to wake up before someone like this compels violence against innocent Citizens in our community. Anti-Indian rants that call for ‘jihad’ at any political rally in this current climate should not be tolerated! and needs to be investigated by Law Enforcement, maybe even the FBI there’s no place for this in today’s politics and is completely uncalled for, Khan’s remarks should be condemned immediately and he should be removed from any and all boards he sits on. God bless America.”

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Alahiji “Noah” Fofanah, who is running for office in Franklin Township strongly condemn Khan.

“As a Muslim American and African, I totally denounce what Sam Khan said, it’s wrong,” Fofanah said. “We are not supposed to endorse violence.  As a leader, our job is to make sure we bring everyone to the table, not to put one against the other and bring peace to our region.”

“If the Democrat party is serious about Americans,” Singh said. “They better make sure that they remove people like Sam Khan when they make these types of rhetorical statements.”

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Condemning calls for 'Jihad' by Democrat Sam Khan – Hirsh Singh For US Senate 2020

We will Not allow anyone to call for 'Jihad" in NJ or America. Republican New Jersey US Senate Candidate Hirsh Singh with Indian American Leaders and Republican Candidates from across New Jersey joined together to denounce and condemn the hateful and violent rhetoric of Democrat and American Muslim Council leader Sam Khan's Calls for 'Jihad' and violence to achieve political goals in America.

Posted by Hirsh Singh on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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