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Trump Says No Intervention In Seattle, It’s Preview of America if Democrats Win in November

TULSA, OK – President Donald J. Trump held his first political rally since the COVID-19 pandemic and said that he was not going to take any action on the Seattle Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone, also called CHAZ or CHOP.   This weekend two men were shot, one killed another in critical condition.  Barricades were set up around the zone, like a border wall and the leader of the group was shown on video handing out assault rifles to people from the trunk of his car.

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A preacher was beaten and removed from the zone for street preaching this week.  [Continued Below Video]

LIVE: President Trump in Tulsa, OK

LIVE: President Trump in Tulsa, OK #Tulsa #Oklahoma #MAGAText TRUMP to 88022

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Saturday, June 20, 2020

“Should we just go in? No sir, let it simmer a while,” Trump said. “Let people see what radical, left Democrats will do with our country.”

Trump said the violent and destructive actions that are burning Democrat cities across America is a glimpse into the future of America in 2021 if Democrats win the presidency this November.

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“Americans have watched left-wing radicals destroy burn down buildings, loot businesses, destroy private property, injure hundreds of dedicated police officers and thousands upon thousands of people only to hear the radical fake news say what a beautiful rally it was.”

Trump also took aim at the double-standard by Democrats who called to cancel his rally because of COVID-19, but have ignored COVID-19 infection risks during the left-wing protests across America.

“They never talk about COVID,” he said. “When you see 25,000 people walking down Fifth Avenue or walking down a street of a Democrat run city, you never hear them say they’re not wearing a  mask as they’re breaking windows.”


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