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Yearbook Picture of Police Flag is Racist, Claims New Jersey High School Principal

MILLBURN, NJ –  Dr. William Miron, the principal of Millburn High School in Millburn, New Jersey is now saying a picture of the high school football team carrying a “thin blue line” valor flag in support of police is racist and offensive.  The photo made it into the school’s yearbook and Miron sprung into action after being woke by snowflakes.  Essentially, he catered to the cancel culture mob.

“We were notified this afternoon of a Yearbook picture that is understandably appalling. We understand the disappointment. That photo was taken in October on a community outreach day where our Athletic Program honored our recreation teams and D.A.R.E program,” he said. “The administration thought of the flag as a symbol of support for our town’s police force. School leaders did not realize at the time that the flag was a statement promoting racism or any microaggressions. Certainly, we cannot hide behind our ignorance. … The need for growth is apparent.”

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Miron said had he known of the evil, hate and disgusting nature of the flag back in October, before it became a thing to be anti-police, he would not have allowed it to happen.

“I wish we had realized in October any of the negative associations with the picture. We should have known. I personally can only apologize that I did not,” he said. “Unfortunately, we cannot change the past but we can change the direction we must head. We must use this as an opportunity to recommit to social justice and racial equity. We can and will continue to do better. I thank everyone for bringing this matter to our attention.”


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