That Annoying Liberal Activist Friend on Facebook is About to get More Annoying


TOMS RIVER-Let’s face it, we all have a few friends on Facebook who have been doing nothing but whining and complaining about Donald Trump since election day.  While we either blocked or unfollowed most of our not-so-close friends for the basic crime of being annoying, we all have those two or three we just can’t silence on Facebook because it would make for an awkward dinner party next week.

For eight years, we put up with their “hope” and “change” posts and quietly scrolled past their responses on our pages calling us racists for criticizing Barack Obama’s trainwreck of a Presidency.  They were always invading your page, while you have quietly let them cheer on their golden child at will, because after all, everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe.

They told us for years that everyone has a right to free speech and the people had spoken, not once but twice.  That was ok, because they were right.   Before the election, they preached things like higher ground and treating people with respect.

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But things didn’t go their way, did it?  Now they have become THAT guy…or THAT girl.  The Facebook political activist.  The disruptor who dons a bandana before logging in, hurling molotov cocktails one post at a time at anything they don’t agree with, armed with buckets of links to fake news reports, courtesy of MSNBC, HuffPo, New York Times and CNN.

It’s not going to get any better.  A national level plan for Democrats revolves around being more even annoying, if that’s even possible, and the Ocean County Democrat Club is trying to teach people just how to do it.

The club has been hosting seminars on how to be a better Democrat and how to bring the national level of lunacy and insanity to the local level.  Emboldened by election wins in Ocean County’s only blue town, Brick Township and exploiting the Michael Ritacco scandal to gain power of the the Toms River School Board, Democrats in the county hope to take that momentum and flip it–like they did the senate, congress and the presidency.

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They are now preaching the platform that Ocean County overwhelmingly rejected in the voting booth just three short months ago.  Ocean County Democrats have historically been the possums of the New Jersey political scene.   They come out at night and try to steal your trash when there’s nobody looking, but either scurry into the woods or play dead once the light shines on them.

This week at the Ocean County administration building cafeteria, Democrats hosted a forum from the belly of the beast to help their followers be better organizers.

Knock on doors, make phone calls, host a house party, write letters to the editor and attend town meetings were the key strategy elements.

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The ominous last message however is the one that perhaps will finally lead you to block that annoying Trump hater, “Social media engagement with friends and neighbors.”

Yes, it can get worse. Ocean County Democrats have signed on to rebuild themselves on the platform of being a nuisance to their fellow neighbors.

Please, if you’re an Ocean County Democrat, do not engage your friends on social media because nearly 3 out of 4 of them don’t agree with you and voted for Trump.  Go back to posting pictures of beach sunrises and cute dog pics, we liked you better back then.

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