Police Looking for Suspect Who Stalked Howell Woman, Followed Her into Garage

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HOWELL-Police are investigating an incident here where a suspect followed a woman home from the grocery store and followed her to her garage before fleeing yesterday, but was startled by the woman’s dog.

A vehicle was observed via the woman’s home surveillance video, parking in front of her residence after she arrived home from the grocery store.  Police are not certain at this point that she was being followed, but the video provided enough evidence for police to investigate.

“The caller parked her vehicle in the garage (garage door was open) and began to unload the groceries,” the department said.  “The homeowner’s dog exited the house and appeared to detect / bark that someone else was in the area of the garage, which after the fact was the suspect seen in the photo.”

The video shows him looking into the open garage. The homeowner was not aware of his presence until review of the video.  The homeowner then looked out into the front yard and observed the suspect fleeing the area in a black Honda Odyssey minivan.

The subject was dressed in all black including a mask covering his face.

The incident occurred on Michele Boulevard, which is at the Howell and Lakewood border.

“Someone followed my wife home today and attempted a home invasion only to be scared away by my dog,” said husband and homeowner Jeff Hand.  “He watched my wife drive into garage and was waiting for the right time to go into the open door.”

“She didn’t even know any of this happened,” Han said. “She asked me to check cameras out of suspicion that a random minivan with the trunk open was parked in front of our neighbor’s house.”

Howell Police are asking anyone who may be able to identify the subject to contact them.

Han’s video’s of the incident are below.