The Best Breakfast on the Barrier Island


SEASIDE HEIGHTS-In our last breakfast spotlight, we featured the refined dining of the Turning Point, but today, we’ll get right down to the meat and potatoes of it all.

Bobber’s Family Restaurant, owned by former Seaside Heights Mayor William Akers serves up the most hearty breakfast you can find on the barrier island.   Akers who was Mayor during both Hurricane Sandy and the Seaside boardwalk fire led his town through two major natural disasters but has since stepped away from the spotlight and continues to run his restaurant.

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While Turning Point offers a light breakfast fusion, Akers and the staff at Bobbers gets right down to good old fashioned American breakfast.  The restaurant was named after Aker’s son William who passed away at the age of 29 in 2014.   Akers senior said when William was a baby, his head bobbed, giving him the inspiration to name the restaurant “Bobbers”.

Vacationers and locals alike enjoy the great food at Bobbers that also comes at a great price, in fact, they have an entire menu page of specials under for under $10.


What you’ll find at Bobbers is pancakes, omelets, breakfast sandwiches and hearty meals such as cream chipped smoked beef, sausage gravy over biscuits and traditional egg selections served with home fries, corned beef hash, and toast.

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So next time you’re in the Seaside Heights area, check out Bobbers Family Restaurant.