NJ Left-Wing Feminist Democrats Told Supporters to Kick Republicans in the Balls


BOONTON-Two New Jersey liberal feminists running for office in the 25th district of New Jersey are calling for violence against Republicans stuck living in Phil Murphy’s absurd sanctuary state.

That’s right, pink hatster left-wing liberal, Phil Murphy loving Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger are calling upon their supporters and fellow Democrats to use violence against Republicans.

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“Bhimani and Draeger are not the mainstream Democrats they pretend to be. They are far-left activists pushing Phil Murphy’s already-radical Democratic Party further and further to the left,” said Republican campaign manager Rob Costello. “They have a history of incendiary language and extreme positions that will shock even their most ardent supporters.”

The tweet was from 2017, but Republicans this week are capitalizing on the left-wing hatred of the right…and men.

Also today, Hollywood has been actor Jeff Daniels said Democrats need a candidate who can ‘punch [Trump] in the face’.