Jersey Shore Insider: Congressman Andy Kim Returns to Radical, Leftist Roots, Says He Will Vote to Impeach President Trump

TOMS RIVER-Andy Kim, who just months before running for Congress to represent Ocean and Burlington Counties was spearheading a radical left-wing resistance group aimed at removing President Donald J. Trump and causing a national uprising.

Today, Kim announced he will join the Pelosi Democrat camp and vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump, essentially sealing his fate as a one-term Congressman in a majority red district.

“It is with a sense of humility, and with the future of our Constitution and presidency in mind, that I will vote yes on the articles of impeachment before the House,” Kim said of President Trump’s impeachment. He also published a press release which has been filed in our “TLDR” folder.

The Congressional Leadership Fund which spends an awful lot of money each year (not here though) fighting to keep Democrats out of Congress also issued a press release in retaliation to Kim’s vote against the President.

“Congressman Andy Kim made it clear his priority is joining the radical left in their crusade to remove Trump at all costs, rather than any issue he campaigned on,” said CLF said.

Kim will be on the ballot in 2020 against the Republican Trump line.   Republicans, however, have not come to a consensus on who Kim’s opponent will be.   Burlington County has endorsed Kate Gibbs and Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank Holman has pretty much publicly pretended the campaign does not exist, much like other aspects of his chairmanship.

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Ocean County lawyer and Holman ally John Novak is also running against Gibbs.  Sources within the party expect a third candidate to join the race in the coming days or weeks.

Despite his thirst for socialism and quest to dethrone Trump, Kim can still pull out another victory if Republicans continue their infighting under Holman’s leadership in Ocean County which needs to rally behind a single candidate to ensure a Kim defeat in 2020.

In contrast to Kim, fellow New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew is expected to jump ship and #walkaway from the Democrat party this week.