Finding New Business Opportunities Area Pizzerias Turn to At-Home Pizza Making Kits


JACKSON-Four days into home-schooling in Ocean County and with restrictions on in-house dining at restaurants and pizzerias, some restauranteurs are finding new ways to continue making sales during a very trying time.

Mangia, Brick Over Pizza in Jackson is one of those businesses looking to help families put a little pizza back in their lives.  They’re offering pizza-at-home kits that include pizza dough, sauce and cheese from their restaurant to allow families to make pizza at home.   It’s an exciting way to add crafts and family participation to your child’s homeschooling while schools are shut down during the coronavirus pandemic.


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Kiddies having cabin fever!? Keep them busy with our DIY Pizza Kit $10 🍕 Fun activity for the family! #supportlocal

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Posted by Mangia Brick Oven Pizza – Jackson on Tuesday, March 17, 2020