Not everyone is getting coronavirus drive-by birthday parades


One of the growing things happening across America is the coronavirus birthday party driveby.  It’s happening across America, cheering up teens and elderly alike, but not everyone is happy, especially those kids who don’t have friends whose family members are police officers or firefighters who can organize a parade or maybe those kids with no friends.

If your town officials have organized parades for others, it could be as simple as calling the local volunteer fire department, police department public information officer or maybe even a school teacher to organize a drive-by. You’ll never know until it happens.

Mental health issues in teenagers have quickly become a problem in the first month that a generation that has their entire lives organized from school activities to sports to hanging out has to be confined to a couch, in front of a television they probably don’t even know how to turn on.

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Check your local health department for support options.  You can also check out the CDC mental health and coping during COVID-19 website.

As one Reddit user posted about this poor kid, “Yes, please honk or something and don’t worry, things will get better…or maybe they won’t.”


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