New Jersey Eagerly Awaits Governor Phil Murphy’s New Rules Limiting What We Can Do

TRENTON-Life in New Jersey these days seems to revolve for most of us, around Governor Phil Murphy’s daily press conference so we can learn what new things we’re not allowed to do today.

As many states begin opening large park facilities and beaches, here in New Jersey, Governor Murphy’s daily socialist driven doom and gloom broadcast prepares us for life with no light, no hope, even as, by his own accounts, we’re all doing our part to get to the other side of that curve.

So each day, we tune in our tv, or smartphone to see what Der Murph has to tell us.  We eagerly await to hear which other services are being shut down and to be told how much longer we have to sit in solitary confinement while those who were already in confinement before this whole thing were set free.

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Then we are told by Murph’s top cop, Colonel Callahan how he’s doing his best job to make sure life stops in New Jersey.  Who was arrested for walking on a beach, which DJ was charged for playing music in a studio, which barbershop was busted for trying to just make it through to the other side without losing everything he owns.

At the same time, we’re being told there is no financial relief. There are no financial parachutes for the small guys.  The federal stimulus for business went to the big guys.  That $2,400 check gets us through last month, but how do we get through this month and the next month?

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Now he expects us to hold his hand and jump off the cliff with him.   While he and all those around him continue to work and get paid by the people who can’t afford to pay their own bills.

Our lives are now set in stone, we eagerly await his daily press conference.  All eyes are on him.  We hang on his every word.  Then he drops the hammer.  It’s become daily life for New Jersey and you better believe all of this is by design.   Governor Murphy is enjoying his little slice of communism here in New Jersey.