After Trump Shuts Down Immigration, Patterson Blasts Van Drew for Not Supporting President’s Immigration Policies


Ocean City, NJ –  Conservative Republican Bob Patterson applauded President Trump’s decision to suspend immigration to the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic and contrasted his support for American workers with Congressman Jeff Van Drew’s history of voting for amnesty, voting against President Trump’s border wall, and voting to increase H-1B visas

Like most Americans, Bob Patterson has long been a vocal proponent of decreasing legal immigration and has opposed outsourcing in order to protect America’s middle-income jobs and restore our manufacturing base. In contrast, Cong. Van Drew has favored outsourcing by voting to increase both legal and illegal immigration.

  • Cong. Van Drew voted against funding President Trump’s border wall (RC #553)
  • Cong. Van Drew voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants (RC #240)
  • Cong. Van Drew voted to fast-track 300,000 green cards for foreign workers (RC #437) (Breitbart) (Breitbart)

“There’s no question that America should curtail immigration during a healthcare crisis, but we need to reduce the flood of legal immigration overall to put American workers first,” Patterson said. “Cong. Van Drew’s record speaks for itself. He has routinely sided with his liberal buddies and corporate interests ahead of American workers. South Jersey voters deserve better.”

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