Brick Township Joins Growing List of Towns Offering Property Tax Late Penalty Extensions


Brick, NJ – While quarterly property taxes are due May 1, Mayor Ducey and the Township Council have extended the grace period to pay taxes without interest or penalty until May 31. The Council unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the extension on Tuesday evening to provide relief to taxpayers and businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Everyone is experiencing some level of hardship due to the ongoing public health crisis,” said Mayor Ducey. “While we do not have the authority to delay the property tax due date, we do have say over the interest rate on late payments. Waiving that interest for 30 days is one way we can help people struggling during this time.”

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The zero percent interest rate effectively provides a 30-day grace period to property owners.

While the Township is only responsible for roughly 30% of the total property tax bill, it is responsible for collecting 100% of property tax payments. The Township then forwards the funds collected to the Brick Township Public Schools, the County of Ocean and local fire districts.

“We are a pass through for most of the property taxes we collect,” said Mayor Ducey. “We send most of what is collected to the schools and county so they can meet their bills.”

The due date for property tax payments is May 1. For Brick Township taxpayers, payment must be received by May 31 to avoid interest on delinquent payments. On June 1, the interest reverts to statutory interest rates retroactive to the due date of May 1 as required by law.

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During the pandemic, property taxes can be paid by mail or online by credit card. Tax payments may be made with check, cash, money order and by credit card through Paymentus Corporation (Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card). Be advised Paymentus charges a convenience fee of 2.5% for Credit and debit. Payments made through Paymentus are not received until the next business day and interest may be charged accordingly. Paymentus also allows Echeck payments and charges a $1 convenience fee. Taxes may also be paid via a dropbox at the municipal building.

Property owners may fill out a short form and provide a voided check at the tax office which will allow the Township to make a direct withdrawal (at no additional cost to the property owner or the township) from the taxpayer’s checking account or savings account. ACH payment may be cancelled by the property owner in writing at any time prior to the quarterly tax due date. ACH payments will come out of your account during the ten day grace period. The form can be downloaded on the Township website,

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