Coronarage? Squirrel Attacks New Jersey Man Just Getting Some Fresh Air


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, NJ –  It’s not safe out there anymore.  If the coronavirus doesn’t get you, murder hornets might.  If you can survive those two formidable foes, now, the squirrels in New Jersey are rising up.  One Washington Township man became patient-zero as squirrels could be the new menace to mankind in the Garden State.   Police said the man was just outside of his home, taking his garbage out, enjoying a few moments of fresh air when it happened.  A squirrel attacked him, causing lacerations to his face.  Here’s how the 911 dispatch went down.  The squirrel could possibly be suffering from the same coronarage that is going around New Jersey where people are becoming increasingly angry and intolerant over the smallest of infractions by others. (scroll down to hear audio from this call)

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“28-year-old male…attacked by a squirrel has bites to the face,” the 911 dispatcher said.  “He is requesting to be seen because it was a wild animal.”

“Just to confirm, that I heard you right, he was assaulted by a squirrel?” A first responder asked the dispatcher.

“That’s correct,” the dispatcher replied.  “He believes it ran back to a nest that is nearby the apartment.”

“Apparently a 28-year-old male was taking his garbage out and was attacked by a squirrel,” one voice on the radio said.

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“Be advised, is the scene safe or is the perpetrator still on scene,” asked another responding unit.

Moments later, arriving units reported that the scene of the crime was safe and the squirrel was gone, but the victim gave a good description to responding units.

There is good news for those who are being menaced by attacking squirrels.  Murder hornets might soon be on their way and they could be the answer we need to fight the growing population of rabid and aggressive vermin.  Check out the video below to watch as a murder hornet fights a field mouse.

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