Woman Finds Man’s Wedding Ring On Beach, Two Years After He Lost It

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DEAL, NJ – Beaches are reopening in New Jersey and that’s a good thing, especially for Mabel and Chris Jones.  In October of 2018 Chris Jones lost his wedding ring while surfing near the Deal Casino.   “I know this is beyond a long shot,” Jones posted on Facebook, hoping to find his lost wedding ring. “I lost my wedding ring surfing Deal Casino. I’m hoping maybe a freak chance it could have washed up.”

It’s been nearly two and a half years since Jones lost his ring and today, while walking along the beach in Deal, Patricia DeStafano happened to find it while walking along the beach, so she happened to post her find on the same Facebook page that Jones used to find the ring back in 2018.

“I found a wedding ring washed up on the beach in Deal today. Engraving is for Chris and Mabell. I am hoping I can return to the right owner,” she said.  Ironically, the ring, made by Hawaii Titanium Rings features a surfer riding a wave…it was apparently all meant to be.

“Wow this is unreal,” Chris’ wife Mabel said. “Omggg yes yes it’s my husbands!!! This is so insane!!! He lost it on 10/12/2018. The ring is on its way to us now!! So so grateful. We owe it all to Patricia Tuohy DeStefano”

Photo: Chris and Mabel Jones, Facebook.


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