New Rules for Ocean City NJ Beach; You Can Fish, But You Can’t Sit While Fishing

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OCEAN CITY, NJ –  Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw today threw a long-distance jab at Ocean City New Jersey over a sign on their beach citing the COVID-19 rules. Apparently, if you sit down on a chair while fishing the surf, you are at a higher risk of exposing yourself and society to the COVID-19 virus, thus prolonging the pandemic.  Also not allowed is sitting in chairs while not fishing, swimming and sunbathing.  You can exercise, but situps, crunches and leg-lifts are probably out of the question since they could be mistaken for sitting or sunbathing?   The water is full of COVID-19, but surfers seem to be protected more than the average person wading in the wash, not to mention the water temperature in New Jersey is running in the low to mid 50’s from Sandy Hook to Cape May, so, “Y’all crazy if you want to go in that water anyway.”

“‪For your daily dose of things that are stupid, here ya go. How many geniuses sat around and deliberated over these particulars,” Crenshaw asked. ‪“Ok they can fish, but we don’t want them getting any sun while they fish and NO CHAIRS, because we are SAVING LIVES.‪ High fives all around.‬” ‬

If you go to the Ocean City COVID-19 link on the sign, here’s what it tells you:

Am I allowed to be on the beach? 
Beach access is permitted for active recreation only — including walking, running, surfing, exercising and fishing. Sunbathing, sitting in chairs or lying on towels, groups of people, group sports and bathing are prohibited.
Am I allowed to be on the boardwalk? 
The boardwalk is closed except to access the beach.
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When can I leave home under the “shelter in place” order issued by the governor? 
All residents are to stay at home or at their place of residence unless they are leaving for the following reasons:
  • Obtaining goods or services from essential retail businesses;
  • Obtaining takeout or food beverages from restaurants;
  • Seeking medical attention, essential social services, or assistance from law enforcement;
  • Visiting family or close friends, caretakers, or romantic partners;
  • Reporting to or performing their job;
  • Walking, running, or engaging in outdoor activities with immediate family, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners;
  • Leaving for an educational, religious, or political reason;
  • Leaving because of a reasonable fear for health or safety;
  • Leaving at the direction of law enforcement or other government agency.
Individuals who have to travel must practice social distancing when possible and should use public transportation only if they have no other choice. People do not have to be with only “immediate family members.” People can walk down the street, travel in cars or otherwise be outside with non-family members with whom they have a close personal relationship.
What is social distancing? 
People need to stay at least six feet apart when possible. Small groups of family members and others are permitted, as long as they fall under one of the exemptions in the “shelter in place” order.  People or groups are permitted to pass each other on sidewalks and streets.


‪For your daily dose of things that are stupid, here ya go. How many geniuses sat around and deliberated over these…

Posted by Dan Crenshaw on Saturday, May 9, 2020

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