In New Jersey, Drive-By Parades Are Legal Again, But Now You Can’t Do This…


TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey has banned drive-through flower farms from your car.  One Mayor claims the state warned him not to open a drive-in movie theater.  This weekend, the state said farewell to drive-by parades for birthdays and graduations.  On Monday, State Police Superintendent, Colonel Patrick Callahan said that it was all a big misunderstanding.  Now drive-by parades are a go, but crowding a hospital parking lot to show your appreciate for front line medical workers is off the list of things you can do here in New Jersey.

One reporter asked, “Why are schools not allowed to hold those so-called wave parades? Are you really going to go after principals who don’t cancel these parades and what punishment could they face?”

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“We were receiving several questions with regards to graduations and different proposals being put out there so first off we would never and we could not prevent vehicles driving by let’s say it’s a senior and hit him or her on their front porch with their parents those vehicles can can go by,” Callahan said. “What we are discouraging in the intent of my letter to Department of Education and public and non-public schools was directing students not to gather on the front lawn of a school at a football stadium ir at a town hall because what you’re doing is inviting them to gather which is in violation of [Murphy’s Law].”

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“I think there was confusion that people who are out of their cars that was the issue,” he added. “The wave parades and we’ve seen it with fire departments and police. I think the governor commented on it two weeks ago it’s a great gesture to give that sense of solidarity but when there’s 50 people standing on top of each other on the curb of a hospital or in front of a high school that’s where the problem comes in, so if people wanted to get in cars and drive to every graduate at a high school across town and those that graduate and mom and dad were on the front porch or front lawn that is certainly okay.”

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Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash