Pizza Review: De Lorenzo’s Robbinsville

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ – A lot of people we know have been raving about DeLorenzo’s in the fake downtown center in Robbinsville claiming it is perhaps the best pizza in New Jersey.  So, we strayed a little bit out from the Jersey Shore this week to give it a run.

We got our pies, of course since Governor Murphy completely screwed the restaurant industry, we had to have them to go, so in the car it was.

We ordered their regular pie and a meatball pie.  Both pies looked and smelled absolutely fantastic until you go to pick up the first slice and realized it was cut pretty much in random directions with no real rhyme or reason.  Maybe we’re missing the point here, but seriously…round pie…eight triangle slices. Some of the slices were a total mess being just 2 inches wide and the length of 3/4 of the pie.  That was really annoying.  Maybe you can ask for the pizza to be cut like a normal person would do it, if you request it.

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Coal fire, wood fire, etc pizza for me is hit or miss.   A little too much time under the fire can be the difference between the best pizza in the world and a burned log.  Our plain pizza was very overcooked. The cheese was morphed into a new substance that more resembled dried Elmer’s Glue.

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The taste of the pies was phenomenal.  Great taste. They were of course, very crispy, but I think a minute or two less and the experience would have been a bit different.

The meatball pie was much better than the plain because the meatballs gave the pie a little moisture.  We’re not sure if all of this was intentional, after all, the place gets rave reviews and maybe we just got there on an off-day.

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So two things ruined the experience we were really hoping to enjoy.   The way the pie was cut and being a little bit too well done.  I can imagine if it was cut normally and not cooked so much that the cheese wasn’t so dried out, it could be a great pie.

For now, though, this is the experience I had personally.  Tried to love it, just couldn’t get there. Others in our party did love it, but they are from New York…this is Jersey.




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