Murphy Says Don’t Confront Mask Violators, Call a Police Officer

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy said if you encounter a person violating his public outdoor mask executive order, do not confront them.  He recommends you find a police officer or somebody else in a position of authority.

Murphy dubbed the mask resistance as “the confrontational”.

Here’s who Murphy and you should really be after…people bunched up on a boardwalk waiting for a slice of pizza and a beer fit the description of who you should call the cops on.

“Here’s my view on the confrontational, what happens if you see someone without a face covering? First of all, if it’s somebody walking their dog or out by themselves for a walk or a jog, we’re not going to — that’s not what we’re after,” the Governor said.  “We’re after intense congregation, people on top of each other, not from the same family, not wearing face coverings, you know standing in line on a boardwalk, bunched up for a slice of pizza or a beer.”

“My advice would be to go tell someone in authority as opposed to go to the individual directly,” he said. “This political notion and nonsense associated with face coverings is bad enough already. I don’t want to suggest to inflame it. Find a police officer, find somebody of responsibility. Maybe it’s the person who owns the pizza parlor.”

Luckily, when the police show up, that person will receive only a $1,000 fine and not a $15,000 fine suggested by some Jersey Shore lawmakers earlier this year, headed by New Jersey Assemblyman Greg McGuckin.


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